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Amling Market Research - Germany

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MPL Research S.R.L. Vittorio Emanuele, 74 - 80121 Napoli
Telefono: +39 081 66.93.93
Fax +39 081 014.00.52
P.Iva 06933711217


A field force of 500 professional interviewers who are always accurately trained and closely supervised, allows us to conduct qualitative and quantitative ad-hoc studies covering all the four Nielsen areas:

500 professional interviewers
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Strategic studies on market segmentation, product positioning and new product development
  • Product image / corporate image
  • Brand image/brand equity
  • Communication tests (concept, advertising, name, packaging)
  • Pricing studies
  • Trade-off / Conjoint analysis
  • Evaluation of attitudes and behaviours.